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This is a picture story book in the folktale genre of a young girl who in order to prevent her mother from dying from a poisonous snake bite, went on an intriguing long   journey to get the snake's antidote. Her devotion and courage were rewarded!

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Mark Young at The Beacon in The Virginian-Pilot December 2, 1999 human interest article.

Vickie Hecht at The Chesapeake Post December 30, 1999 human interest article.

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Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson as an avid multicultural practitioner recognizes the essential relationship between the cultural background of students and their academic success. Her years of research on multicultural education and her...





   Chike the Invincible    


Chike the Invincible is an inspirational beautifully illustrated picture storybook in the folktale genre that illustrates the indomitable human spirit while teaching lessons in perseverance and valor with good triumphing over evil.  

Chike the Invincible, transports readers to a village chock-full of valor, poetic justice and intrigue.

Chike the Invincible received 5 Star reviews from Readers Favorite, teachers, educators, parents, grandparents and readers all over the globe. 

Ogo wrote Chike the Invincible at the request of her readers who loved Oma the Faithful Daughter  with a female heroine, and wanted a book with a male hero.


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