Oma The Faithful Daughter by Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson

Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson as a seasoned and avid multicultural practitioner recognizes the essential relationship between the cultural background of students and their academic success. Her years of research on multicultural education and her practical experience in the field of education as a teacher and as an administrator bolster her belief in the importance of multiculturalism in the schools and in the larger society.

Ogo Okoye-Johnson has written articles, presented papers and workshops on diversity in the United States and abroad. She also created programs designed to assist teachers in understanding the various learning styles of their students from a multicultural perspective. Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson grew up in Nigeria which is the setting for this folktale. She holds a Ph.D. in Urban Services/Urban Education with experience in curriculum writing and staff development. Ogo is also the author of Chike the Invincible published in 2016.

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